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I’ve been coaching some of the best musicians and I’ve been learning exactly what makes them tick. I’m working on revealing everything you should know. But before I do that, I could use your help.

I want to hear what you really need to know right now that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your musicianship. Exactly what challenges you’re facing, what information would be most valuable to you, and what’s been hardest for you to overcome.

Here’s the deal: if you give me a few moments of your time and input, I’ll gratefully give you a FREE gift. I’ll share some never released patterns that the greatest soloists use to burn on the bandstand. Some real head turners! It’s my way of saying, “Thanks” for contributing.

All I need to know is: what do you want to know most about improving your musicianship? It could be anything at all… even if you think it’s silly.

Just answer the survey questions (many of them are simple and easy multiple choice) and type your most important questions in the little boxes below… ask me whatever question will help you the most and I’ll make sure to include it in the near future.

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