Absolute Pitch Power Lesson 2 Update/Improvement

I’ve espoused the virtues of accelerated learning techniques and I’m on record as saying that every other absolute pitch ear training course out there could be drastically improved if they only “got it.”

And while I don’t like to go “off topic” in my blog too much, I felt I had to, given the significance this information could have on your ear training and musicianship — let alone your entire life.

So one the basic premises of accelerated learning is that your brain is in a state of peak performance when it’s vibrating at a certain frequency. And different frequencies get different results.

There are natural ways to achieve these states, like through meditation, relaxation, and controlled breathing exercises. And there are other ways to induce these brain states, like bio-feedback, hypnosis, and…

Brain Wave Entrainment

Bio-feedback can get pretty expensive. You either visit a bio-feedback lab, or buy costly equipment that can read your vital statistics. But even then, you need to learn *how* to get into these altered states.

Hypnosis scares most people. Not only that, you either need to spend many hours learning how to use self-hypnosis or spend lots of money on a trained hypnotherapist.

But brain wave entrainment is simple and affordable. You simply pop in a CD and your brain will synchronize to the entrainment frequency.

Using binaural beats was all the rage for a while. Lots of people were selling binaural beat CDs and some audio editors would even create them for you. But new research has shown a technique called “Isochronic Tones” to be even better.

Well, being into accelerated learning and brain/mind research, I was blown away when I got an email from one of my trusted mentors, Stephen Pierce. Whenever he sends me an email, I drop everything and read it. But this one got me more excited than usual.

I could repeat everything he said, but I’ll just let you find out for yourself why I’m so excited about . And, why I think it’s going to be an indispensable tool to you, the musician.

Believe me, this changes everything. Find out more here:

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